Your Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist Is Here

With our outdoor spring cleaning checklist, you have a simple guide to ensure your home is tidy inside and out! Need help with yard waste removal? Call on the pros at 4 Alarm Junk Removal!

Your spring cleaning isn’t quite done until you tidy up the exterior of your home! Whether you want to entertain people this spring and summer or enjoy more time outside, cleaning up your outdoor space is a must. To freshen up your space and keep it ready for the warmer months, follows these outdoor spring cleaning tips. 

#1 Freshen Up Your Plantlife 

When spring has sprung, it means the plants around your home have, too. To ensure your space never gets unruly, it’s important to follow a regular routine. 

  • Trim the trees
  • Pull up weeds
  • Prune bushes
  • Mow the lawn

When you stay on top of your landscaping, you make a huge impact on the appearance of your home. Moreover, you help your plants stay healthy. 

Once you complete your landscaping routine, do you know what to do with all those yard trimmings? Call on yard waste removal team to help clear leftover debris from your yard!

#2 Keep an Inventory of Your Items

Your space isn’t organized if you let unused items clutter it up. As you go through your outdoor items, see if anything needs to go. Did your kids outgrow a playset or a trampoline? Is that grill still in good condition? 

Did you let your bike rust over? If you no longer plan to use something, it’s a good idea to recycle or donate it. When you aren’t quite sure how to dispose of unwanted items, give our team a call. 

We make the job easy and quick!

#3 Deep Clean Your Shed

If you have a shed in your outdoor space, it’s easy for those items to collect dust. However, with our outdoor spring cleaning checklist, you have a handy reminder to reevaluate it. Does your shed still serve a purpose? 

If not, there’s no point in keeping it around. Whether it began to deteriorate or simply takes up space, it’s time for some action. One option is to fix it up, deep clean, and go through everything you store there. 

If it’s past the point of no return, though, it might be time to say goodbye. Our shed removal team is always ready to help you tear down and haul off an unwanted shed. Call us today to book your appointment. 

#4 Clean Up Patio Furniture

As patio furniture sits outside through heat, cold, ice, and rain, its easy for it to collect dust and grime. Alternatively, if it stays in a storage area, that dust builds up and collects. Either way, it’s always a good idea to clean it thoroughly. 

Then, you have a better idea of what condition it’s in. Is it in rough shape after a nasty storm? Are those stains just not coming out? 

While recovery is great, it’s not always an option. If you need help with furniture removal, call on the junk removers at 4 Alarm. 

#5 Spruce Up Gates & Fences

If you want your gate or fence to feel brand new, rake up the debris taht gathers along the edges. Next, be sure to hose off the mud and dirt that collects on it. In some cases, they gather rust or the paint starts to chip. 

If this happens, it’s a good idea to give it a facelift. Depending on the material, this can mean a new coat of paint or a deep cleaning. 

#6 Replace Old Light Bulbs

When you ensure all the lights work in your space, you have a great way to showcase all the hard work you put in with your outdoor spring cleaning checklist. With the right lighting, you have a way to highlight your freshened up outdoor area. 

Let This Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist Kickstart Your Routine!

At 4 Alarm Junk Removal, we offer yard waster removal and bulk item collection. This makes the spring cleaning process simple and smooth. When you need to declutter your indoor or outdoor space, call on our team to do the heavy lifting!

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